Courses Taught

  • MCOM 104. Introduction to Mass Communications Research

  • JOUR 531. Public Relations Campaigns

    Students work in account teams to design a robust, strategic, measurable and actionable campaign plan for real client. This course imitates the agency climate and students are required to demonstrate workplace professionalism throughout the semester.

  • CPR 490. Social Media Strategies

    Class focused on use of social media for strategic communication and management, topics covered engagement, relationship, organizational communication, crisis, social change, viral campaigns and personal branding from an integrated communication perspective. Students worked individually to conduct a social media audit and campaign planning for real-world clients.

  • CPR 311. Public Relations Research

    Class specialized on research application, quantitative and qualitative methodologies, introductory statistics and use of SPSS. Students worked in teams to carry out a research project where they defined the research goals and objectives, collected interview and survey data, analyzed the results and recommended future steps for real-world clients.

  • Guest Lectures:
  • CPR 620. Public Relations Fundamentals

  • CPR 501. Crisis Communication and Management

  • Com 3144. Message Strategies and Effective Story Telling